Riteway Inc.
Rite-Way Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
2083 Walker Ct. Grand Rapids, MI 49544
Phone: (616) 791-0959

24 Hour Service & Maintenance

The Rite-Way Service Team is staffed with trained specialists in all HVACR/Plumbing requirements and a fleet of fully-equipped service units standing ready to serve you 24/7. Our goal is to help you eliminate downtime and costly repairs, as we pro-actively partner with you to manage your facilities’ mechanical systems.

More About Our Service...

Call (616) 791-0959 24/7 and a qualified technician with the right equipment will be dispatched to you.

Multi-site Service
We have crews available to handle your needs at multiple sites in west Michigan.  Please contact our Service Department.

Drain Cleaning/Maintenance

We use cable machines, high pressure hydro-jetting, camera inspection and line tracing in order to diagnose hidden problems and line breaks, so we can restore flow to the system as quickly as possible.

Ongoing Maintenance

A Service Agreement allows our highly-trained skilled specialists to be pro-active in Preventative Maintenance activities, thereby helping to avoid costly shut-downs, closures, and painful inconveniences with a Preventive Maintenance Service Agreement. Available for both Mechanical and Drainage Systems, talk to our Service Department to see how you can save.

Back-Flow Testing Certification

We will work with you and the local municipality to ensure these are completed around your business schedule.  State-wide, multi-site service is available.